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gretchen carlson is here to help us out. >> gretchen: oh, my goodness. what is that. i have relaxed too many days. partridge. >> nice, gretchen. ♪ and a partridge in a - pear tree. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it is monday november 26th. i am gretchen carlson . i hope you had a fantastic weekend and a great week. several top republicans said they will back down on taxes as long as there is one condition. >> steve: this time the white house has a better idea. wait until you hear who they are bringing back to lead the negotiations. yimpt powerball jackpot. $425 million . if you think you are more likely to get struck by
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lightning than win it big. the guy who won eight times who has the secret. >> steve: does he have the numbers. >> brian: "fox and friends" begins now. >> steve: hi, folks, live from studio e. i am sick of turkey. and i am sick of gravy. we had it five-days. >> gretchen: i know, i have a big huge bird sitting in my refrigerator and attempt to make soup out of it later today. >> brian: so it is not alive. >> gretchen: it didn't gobble. >> brian: i went to the movies and i have another movie. >> gretchen: i saw santa claus over the weekend.
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>> brian: ian loves it. i will tell you in a while. >> gretchen: no. >> brian: steve, saw one of my recommendations on saturday and you feel. >> steve: i am stopping to listen wu. >> gretchen: can you tell us now. >> steve: some of his movies i like a lot. >> gretchen: lincoln. >> brian: i was disappointed in lincoln. >> steve: we have so much to talk about on cyber monday. we start with the headlines. >> gretchen: we do. a stunning announcement out of israel. ehud barak calling it quits. he has concerns over the military offensive in gaz a. this is weeks before the general election. he wants to focus on his personal life. there is more to this story i think. angry workers and a fire in
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bangladesh. many workers were trapped in the building because of no emergency exits. some of the clothes were made for walmart and sears and clothing line of sean puppy combs. shellie moore catit po will announce her cand date for u.s. senate. she is a pro choice republican and she is a test of the gop's ability to expand the appeal to voters, the congresswoman will run for democrat jay rockefeller's seat. the senator is not saying if he will run again in 2014. it is an exciting day today. shoppers will be pounding the keyboards and not the pavement looking for on line bargains. this year's cyber monday will be a big success with
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americans expected to spend 1. 5 billion bucks up 20 percent from last year. i saw the deals last night. buy one and 60 percent off on the other. it is enticing. >> brian: deals are for real. and today's on line . happy to see the retailers busy over the weekend. talking about the fiscal cliff. everyone comes back to work . wonder if they will get to work and cut the deals. republicans made it clear they are willing to budge when it comes to the 20 year pledge not to raise taxes that glover norquist had everyone sign before they took office. >> steve: grover norquist has hundreds of republicans to do that. clearly with the fiscal cliff comment and automatic spending cuts and taxes go up on everybody.
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something has to be done. the feeling is that it will happen two now. republicans have beenadament and said we can't raise taxes on anybody. and glover norquist said as long as you don't raise tax rates that is okay. and lindsay graham on that. >> i agree we shouldn't raise rates but i think grover is wrong to cap and buy down debt. what do you do with the money and i will violate the pledge for the good of the country only if the democrats do entitlement reform. >> gretchen: i think the pledge thing is good and bad. if you are a republican and believe that raising taxes is the wrong they think that and fine. but ham stringing politicians and many people lost election
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over there and turns out times change. peter king is also saying he's going to go against the pledge who agreed to it years and years and his reasoning that times have changed. here is the caviat . you are a republican and don't want to raise taxes and willing to compromise a bit, the democrats have to compromise with entitlement spending there. is a way here to find common ground and get away from the all or nothing pledges that the american public many of them were upset about the grid lock. >> brian: it is all symbolic. that brings 80 billion a year and would pay ian volving credit but it doesn't touch our deficit or balance our budget and the other thing that is important they have to get something in return. we'll put it up on the clinton
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rates and not touch medicare or medicaid? it is all part of the deal. >> gretchen: once you get people back to the table. it is it like a marriage, marriages don't work when one party said i will not budge on anything. >> brian: i hope my wife is listening. >> steve: we are in the let's make a deal stage. both sides want to appear flexibility when it comes to doing something. we aapparently the president of the united states. the week after thanksgiving nothing is scheduled. but we understand that the top aides are working together to do something. who is leading the charge for the white house? tim geithner. it is interesting, in the beginning, during the confirmation it was revealed he did not file taxes properly and people say is he qualified
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to be the treasury of the secretary. according to the wall street journal. they work with him and like him. and jack lu who did it last time blew it. >> gretchen: why not have bowles-simpson come back. why do we spend more time. rephrase that. why are we wasting more time trying to come together on a deal when the bowles-simpson. >> brian: they didn't touch entitlements. >> gretchen: it is a starting point. >> brian: they need a point person inside of the administration. >> gretchen: american people are frustrated with getting nothing done and spend six months putting together the plane. come and say here is a good starting point. >> brian: the president never brought it up. and talk about the white house. how sick are the people of ohio and pennsylvania and of
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all . battle ground state of seeing politicians having rallies. not that sick. president plans to go to key states and trying to sell his cause to raise taxes on the rich and come up with an answer on the fiscal cliff and asking his supporter to do something else on the internet. >> steve: on the internet indeed. the president of the united states has the marvelous and absolutely megacyber operation where they have got hundred [-tz] of, well, let's see. >> brian: on the twitter and facebook? >> steve: he has e-mail dress says and they will encourage people who are supporters of the president to make their own video why you should raise taxes on the rich and then what they are going to do is send them out on facebook and twitter to democrats and republicans as well and say the people of your district say you should raise taxes.
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>> gretchen: he won the election. he's walking in the negotiation with the upper hand why waste time creating videotaping. >> steve: the idea is that people in congress have to ultimately make a deal and what he's trying to show. your folks in your district say here is so ando from to pecka and chilla cope. >> gretchen: i don't think that will make a difference. >> brian: that is what they are doing. 10 minutes after the hour. >> gretchen: pass service port authority runs a train between newark and new jersey on the world trade center line resume [skp-d] reopened. and six monthses since flooding knocked out. anton lewis and more on [th-fplt] and anton it took plenty of time and now finally opened. >> it was only open 5:00 to 10:00. it is a major step in the
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recovery that the whole area particularly lower mat hat does in the week since the super storm sandy. we had that to station. and lower manhattan. not only is wall street down here. but the number of men and women who work in the construction site in the world trade center sites they are still working on. and this is major news and not exact return to normalcy. but there is still a number of [o-fls] buildings that are trying to [ro-frplt] real estate industry expert said 50 buildings that were impact [skp-d] close add. only half are back up running . the law firms and other information technology buildings, all of their equipment [-fls] flooded out. it will take them couple of months to get back up. some of the buildings may not be anywhere ready to reopen
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until next year. the pass service is welcome relief for the commuters. and so we are trying and getting there. we are getting there. and that's the lawlatest in lower manhattan. back to you. >> steve: in the error beginning the day after the storm, we'll have it up in a week or days and it took a months. >> brian: unbelievable how bad it looked on october 30th. it is important to bring up today, i will try for the first time to go from manhattan to brooklyn to go to the nets-knicks game. >> gretchen: you going over the brooklyn bridge. >> brian: no, i will go to the n subway. i don't know if i will be a strap hanger. i am going to the game. >> gretchen: you will be on your high game tomorrow. >> brian: probably not. >> gretchen: you do the best with least amount of the sleep. >> steve: we'll find out on tuesday. >> brian: i have a lot of
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adrenalin having four days off. >> steve: us, too. meanwhile on the monday morning, united states giving a bunch of money to egypt but did it take the money and run and turn its back on the united states? >> gretchen: there is a bomb shell. key evidence in the casey anthony trial may have been over looked whompt the heck was the prosecutor. and the bomb shell to convince the jury to convict her and didn't. >> brian: they didn't check firefox. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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or did they take our money and run? >> they should be saying this is unacceptable . we thank mr. morsi for his efforts in brokering a cease fire which is incredibly fragile but this is not acceptable and the united states of america taxpayers expect and our dollars will be directly related to the progress toward demaddress which you promised the people of egypt when your party and you were elected president. >> brian: joining us is the navy commander from the office of secretary of defense under george bush. he is jd gordon. is it up to the president to get more involved to tell morsi to stop with the absolute monarch thing. >> i think the president should stand up to the muslim
3:18 am
brotherhood and say we will not send aid dollars to egypt. morsi put himself [pwao-fr] the courts and law. it is one dick traitorship replaced by another. we need to get tough on egypt. >> steve: when the arab spring first started people were optmistic and it is not turning out the way we hoped it would. >> no, in 2010 the survey poll in egypt found that 17 percent of the egyptians were favorable to the united states and 24 percent favorable to al-qaida and 60 percent to the islamic brotherhood. if you had general elections and threw out mubarack you would get the muslim brotherhood in charge. >> brian: are you encouraged that the people would egypt
3:19 am
decided they would not stand with him. >> this is an encouraging sign. i jipt has mod rate secular parties. we should support them. that's the only way to have change inentious jipt. they are in the minority number one and don't have a lot of pull. it is like expecting the green party to do important things in the united states. they don't have a lot of influence. we need to support the secular modern ejeptions like the google executive that we thought we were going to get when the arab spring happened. that was not what happened. muslim brotherhood pushed him aside. >> steve: when you look at morsi or the military. you would prefer the military to run things. >> i would prefer the military. it is more secular and stable and positive relations with the united states for decade and kept an unpopular peace
3:20 am
with us . that's why morsi wanted replace himself over the court. the court aligned itself with the military. military would be a better option. yimpt we trained a lot of their officers. >> thank you. guys. i [pra-erbt] appreciate it >> steve: confidential confetti. secret police files phed used in the thanksgiving day parade. mostly nassau county. and one company offering free flu shots. if you refuse to take it you are fired. ♪
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>> brian: it gets confusing. and headlines . go upstairs for a big interview. china lands the first aircraft and they are on the first aircraft carrier . to them. the senior injury suffers a heart attack. giving it unusual honor to an unknown scientist. and south pacific islands that was never on the google maps. look at it together. you are looking at it sandy ilandd. when the ship reach [-td]ed the location. scientist believe that human error may have led to the island. and back up stairs.
3:25 am
a way to have the debates and get to the point of compromise and do as much as he can to keep partison politics out. i think it is important. and so the leledginate difference. it is so embettered. >> gretchen: what are the hurdles preventing them from cutting a deal. joining me from the washington insider debate is republican strategist. and we have a good morning to both of you. we know republicans don't want to raise tuckets.
3:26 am
but democrats might have to. do i have it right? >> you have to right. and question is republicans are going to have to put revenue on the table. what they don't want to do is raising rates because it tends to harm economic growth particularly in the small business sector. they file the business income on the returns. this will continue. and we need to find a way to raise revenue without rates. we'll get a stop gap measure. and democrats are not honest about entitlement reform. maybe we will get rid of the
3:27 am
deduction. and are democrats going to do the same thing about spending cuts. they need to learn the lessons of the election. merrence are unifiped. thea want to preserve income. and want to see washington work together. and republicans dug in their heels and they paid the consequences. it is also the republicans that are forced to compromise. it is in terms of fiscal cliff. and so they have three legs necessary to make a deal . yes. they need to generate the revenue. and we need to have
3:28 am
certainity. it is entitledment. and we don't want to become greece. >> gretchen: how do you answer that. that doesn't begin to cover the cost of the entitlement programs. how will they answer the answer the americans about that. >> the tax cuts, there is four twillion cut. and all kinds of ways to cut the fraught and abuse. it is clear that republicans need to give in on the tax cut issue first?
3:29 am
>> i guess so. we'll see if that is how it goes when it all comes to the table. they are playing nicey nicey but not yet back to work. thank you so much. >> great to see you. >> call it a low jack for women and wives forced to wear collars and so their husbands can track them? this is 2012 and 13. it is not just a dollar and dream. it is a strategy for the jackpot. a man who won the lottery several times here to share his secrets for us. and she's only 31. ♪
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3:34 am
coast of the mexo . a thank you on behalf . whale community. >> we called a shark weal. >> never heard of that. >> gretchen: you remember when 15 or 20 years ago machines came out and they were call would shreddders and buy them in their homes and businesss and take your papers and you will put them through and hopefully get in the tiny piece [kp-s] they would hopefully go in the garbage can and people can't find out private information about yourself. imagine you are at a parade like new york city. macy's thanksgiving day parade and all of that confetti that is falling down on to you is personal secres about people. social security numbers and incident arrestts about people here. >> brian: romney detail in longg long. that detail was out there. >> steve: apparently nassau county police department hired a company to shred and they
3:35 am
didn't do a good job. looking at the little strings. you can find social security numbers and bank information and they unveil would under cover officer's identities. as well it goes on and on. it was discovered by ethan. it is. thank you very much. he was standing by 65 and central park west when he noticed on his friend, they have the little piece of confetti with social security stuff . here it is recounting that moment. >> i was enjoying the balloons and this time i was overwhelmed with look at all of this information. it was like ssn colon and we
3:36 am
thought it was a romney motorcade and maybe a detective's name on the paper. it was shocking to me that sensitive material could get out. he missed underdog come out. >> gretchen: and the only person is they were conserving paper. they were using paper they had shred. bad news is they will have the id's stolen now . who knows what else is out there. these are police department and solve mysteries every day . i have a feeling they will hire a new shredding company. >> brian:ethan will be here live with a huge security detail. 24 minutes before the top of the hour.
3:37 am
>> gretchen: should a mentally hand capped person be executed for committing murder. he should not get the death penalty because of his iq below 70. he was convicted of killing police officers. they will use facebook postings as evidence to counter the claimms. he quotes a officer and martin luther king jr. and even henry ford. >> steve: it is it a brand new bomb shell piece of evidence that could have change would the out come in the casey anthony murder trial. someone in the household searched the term. foolproof suffocation the same day kaley was last seen alive but detectives admit they never found the history even though the department had
3:38 am
control of the computer. >> brian: you don't get shot you are not hired. making matters worst it arrived before thanksgiving. that is one of cincinnati's largest employers and flu shots are free and employees are required to get them. workers can appeal once they have proven they got the shots. >> gretchen: women in saudi arabia are banned from driving or traveling without their husband's consent. and now the government is tracking their movements. men can now receive text messages when their wives leave the country even if they are traveling together. word of the new rule spread on twitter and people lashed out and say that saudi arabia live under a face of slavery. no kidding. >> steve: you can track your spouse right now. go on itunes and find my iphone and you can find the
3:39 am
person is right then. >> gretchen: in saudi arabia women don't have iphones >> chris: but they have them here. >> brian: they have to use it in the back seat and not allowed to use it. giants showed the play last night . eli manning threw two touchdown pass and put an end to the winning streak. they are upset in the control room . 38-10 was the final . now the best nfl moments of the weekend. miami dolphins trailing at home. and put on the sprinklerrs and waking up the crowd and their offense. they went out to beat the seahawks. 24-21. and baltimore trailing 3--- 13 h 3. and ray rice caught a short pass. say will go and hard to tackle. ravens scored and won on a
3:40 am
field goal in overtime. congratulations baltimore. two losses on the year. touchdown pass. pay tan manning squeezes the ball between two kc defendersment broncos win again. and best upset. browns blast charl yethe steelers. 20-14. and eight turn overs over all . the steelers and since big ben went down are winless. and we like charlie batch. t i tell you what, pittsburg is not the sime without the quarterback. >> steve: meanwhile, we have 425 million reasons for you to get out of bed this morning. jackpot is increased to perhaps the largest amount in game history. 425 million dollars. and so how can you increase your odds of winning. >> i will pay special attention to the next guest. richard, author of learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery.
3:41 am
joins us live from orlandie. what is the trick? it think i remember from speaking to you before. do you always speak the same numbers? >> yes. don't play quick picks and when you playy quick pick your odd united states are going to be at their worst . now when i give advice out. there is one thing that is misleading to the folks out there listen watching. i am talking about regular players versus casual players. itlly not mattering what you do. you are regular player. you buy quick picks and there is a method to it and it will increase your chances of winning. >> so many in the game and forcing a half billion out there for somebody. whowhat does that mean to how you play. >> for a regular player. who wants in?
3:42 am
>> i mean a casual player, really the only thing to do is buy quick picks if they want to. but theor is an important tip to give to everybody. don't get lottery fever. people get excite want to win all of this money. they go out and spin a lot of money on tickets and most of times money they can't afford to spend. and set a budget and don't spend grocery or rent money. figure out what you can afford to spend and be satisfied with that amount of tickets. >> steve: what about pools. a bunch of people at work they get together and pool that money. that increases your odds. >> i believe in strongly in pools. if it is 10 million and you bought the ticket. yes, you would win the 10 million and 10 people who pull
3:43 am
together only a million dollars but that is a lot of money. don't play greedy play smart. and pooling your money together is a good thing to do. are you playing today? >> absolutely. >> gretchen: do you play the same set. >> steve: and they are. >> gretchen: we have a pincele and. >> i will not tell you the numbers. >> steve: thank you for joining us from orlando. >> absolutely. >> and coming up. >> brian: drug dealers secret woman. and who else isutesings these that we don't know about, that's next. >> gretchen: nelve - nfl cheerleaders lets the mascot shave her head.
3:44 am
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>> gretchen: 47 minutes after the top of the hour. word that the u.s. will keep the troop in afghanistan after the 2014 deadline. one calls for 10,000 nato trues to keep an eye on al-qaida. bouncy houses. they are fund and dangerous. a new study finds them go to the emergency room for bounce house injuries. experts say anyone under six should not use them . that's all of the kids who like them, see. disturbing news out of columbia. there is a woman of choice.
3:48 am
these things can skim on the water's surface undetected by radar. could terrorist try the same technique? joining us is david cast. what do you think about this? >> they have done it for yearrs. they have attempt in the 1990s with russian engineers to build actual submareaps and this is one way out of the many to transport cocaine. >> gretchen: the worry is that the drug cartels can do this, guys who want to bring harm to the united states might do it. but what the drug cartels have is money. they have a boat load of dough. >> there are documented ties between the drug cartels and hamas and al-qaida. they are raising their money. when international ction dries up the source of funding they go to drugging and now they have access to the routes and
3:49 am
not only the submersibles and show the length to go to. and they have many other routes that are far more dangerousitous. >> for instance? >> they truck cocaine and who else is produce. and private vehicles and they still transporting by airline. that is a business. they diversify. columbia are fantastic in interdict and they are using submersible to evade columbia . not bringing it in u.s. central america where they are trucked n >> steve: you have lettuce or coke. >> or the fear is explosives or weapons of mass destruction. those same routes and terrorist have gotten together with the cartel and now they have acess to the same routes.
3:50 am
>> steve: interesting stuff. david. thank you for coming by and scaring us with that. >> next up on the run down. a new financial bubble about to bust. stewart varney said yes . most people don't know they are invested in it. and the colts cheerleader promise to shave her head. did she keep her promise. she and the mascot next. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> brian: as we told you an indianapolis colt cheerleader went up and above the promise.
3:54 am
she promise to save all of her hair if the team mascot raised money for cancer. the coach pagano is suffering from cancer and he's doing a lot. that goal was reached with the pair raising over $22,000. all in honor of the coach who is battling the leukemia. the entire team went bald. but only one of two cheer leaderships was the first to accept the challenge. blue, what have you done to her. megan tell me what happened. >> good morning. we raised way above our goal and so we were excited about that and they pulled he in the third quarter and cut my pony tall to donate locks of love and >> the colts game in front
3:55 am
of a capacity crowd. what was it like with the cape on with 60,000 people watching. >> it was over womening and people were cheering so loud and the pride for our team that we did something like this. and hopefully that is what we did yesterday. >> crystal joined you out there. >> yes. that was so great. it a great surprise. i knew she wanted to do it. but we kept it a surprise everybody else. >> we touched the prize and go to create. meas, please. please. continue to donate. >> you seemed energized by the entire event and you had a big
3:56 am
smile last week. what was the process like for you? >> it is over womening the support i had through social media and people reaching outlet to me and thanking me for doing this. and parents whose daughters who are going through cancer and affected by the disease. it is it really over whelming. i just shaved my head. these people are battling for their lives and it is nice to thank you me. >> and thank you. blue, it a wonderful thing you did. and happy birthday to yourr daddy colt which would be a horse. right. thank you guys so much. meanwhile straight ahead. tax deal done right away using youtube videos. e-mail us or cut a video.
3:57 am
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tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe hard enough. a smarter way to shop around. now that's progressive. call or click today. [ grunting ] >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is monday, november 25, 2012 -- november 16, 2012. i hope you had a great thanksgiving with your family and friends a. announcement out of israel. the defense minister calling it quits. so what actually happened? we'll have a live report straight ahead. >> brian: congress could be waking up to a loft noise. voters making youtube video to help get a tax deal done. what would you do if they asked you? >> steve: it's a christmas card relatives will never forget. the family posing with santa and they are armed. the gun club that came up with the idea here this hour.
4:01 am
santa is back with his bag of goodies. "fox & friends" for hour two after thanksgiving is coming up next. >> gretchen: i have been holding my breath for an entire hour waiting for the headline of the day. steve, i don't know if you've been holding your breath, but brian is about to reveal his movie review of the thanksgiving day weekend. >> steve: something he loves. >> gretchen: we know his movie reviews are a plus nominations. >> brian: i agree. i think i'm great at reviewing movies. i was the first one to pick out "fred clause" and "expendables 2" as a movie to see. and i saw that "sky fall" was out and" lincoln" and i understand twilight was out. but i wanted to work my way down the list and see a movie in which i could bring my nine and
4:02 am
11-year-olds to and hear them giggle during the snow which i've not been successful for ten years until i saw "here comes the boom" with chevy chase. i loved that movie, they had kids in it, it was school, a good message. henry winkler, kevin james. they had my favorite sport. >> steve: that's right. >> gretchen: wrestling. >> steve: soccer. >> brian: ufc. i did the first four. >> gretchen: did you the interview. >> steve: i didn't see that part of the movie. >> brian: kevin james was an outstanding wrestler. to hear my nine and 11-year-olds laughing out long along with their friend, was great. it wasn't tedious. >> gretchen: 7 to nine-year-old, is it good for them. >> brian: absolute israeli. >> steve: one of the reasons brian was particularly happiy is because it was out for a little while much it was probably, what, a dollar? >> gretchen: and the popcorn was ten bucks.
4:03 am
>> brian: i knew i was getting in. put it this way, i knew that. stadium seating, was anal to sit there. -- was able to sit there. i would recommend" lincoln" was a series of scenes. i want to seat difficult childhood, the rough time in congress. all of it leading up to his presidency. don't you just show me -- >> steve: "lincoln" my date night for friday night, you just ruined it for me. >> brian: "here comes the book." he'll be holing your hand. you'll be making out like newlyweds. >> brian: thousands of workers are demanding justice for a fire in bangladesh. 112 people died. crowds are throwing rocks at the bound out -- burned out shop.
4:04 am
reports some clothes were being made for all mart, sears and clothing line of sean colmes. in three hours action shelly moore capito -- excuse me if i'm not pronouncing it correctly. she's going to announce her candidacy tore u.s. in the and elected. she's pro choice republican and run for rockefeller's seat. the 75-year-old seat has seld the seat since 1984 and is not saying if he's gog run again in 2014. it's being called the biggest insider trading case in history. former hedge fund manager heads to federal court. he is charged with corrupting a doctor who had access to secret drug data, then using that information to make $276 million in profits. he's expected to plead not guilty.
4:05 am
rolling stones are still rocking. they kicked off their 50th anniversary tour last night in london. ♪ hey you get out of my path ♪ . >> gretchen: this is the first of five concerts to mark the milestone of the there will be one more show in london, and then three here in new york city area. they still sound fantastic. 50 years. hard to believe. >> steve: meanwhile, overnight -- >> brian: i don't think they sounded do good. >> steve: a stunning announcement out of israel. defense minister ehud barak calling it quits. leeland vittert joins us live. what's up with this? >> that's the big question going forward right now. ehud barak, one of the most decorated soldiers in israeli history, chief of staff of the army here and the former prime minister saying he's leaving politics. this is the secretary time he's tried to leave politics.
4:06 am
it may be a case that over the past couple of years, he's become politically unpopular here. it didn't look like he was going to get many votes in the upcoming election and he also received a lot of success over the past week and a half. a little bounce in the polls and thought might as well go out on top while i can. or whatever the new top is right now as things have come. doesn't mean that he is all together done with the israeli government. while he would not stand for the election, the prime minister, whoever that is in the next government after january 22, can ask him to come back. he may go back to the business life hen joyed after he was prime muenster. not clear exactly if there was any other issues related to the fact that he decided to leave. the other thing that we are watching here in israel closely is what's going on in egypt. the mass protests that happened over the weekend over president morsi's decrees that effectively made him a dictator, according to many of the people in the street throwing stones, hundreds if not thousands in the streets protesting.
4:07 am
the muslim brotherhood, on the other hand, out there in support of the president. so far one dead. dozens, if not hundreds injured in the clashes that we've seen happening all around egypt. today president morsi is meeting with the judiciary branch of the government who made completely irrelevant with these decree to try to calm things down. tomorrow there is big protest planned by the brotherhood in support and by the liberal opposition against the decrees that will really show how it will happen going forward. back to you. >> steve: lee around la vittert, thank you very much. that was stunning over the weekend that president morsi did this extraordinary power grab. >> brian: hours after brokering this agreement. >> steve: how crazy is that? it looked like there was a breakthrough. next thing you know, i'm running the whole show. generally the judiciary reviews everything, i'm freezing them out. >> gretchen: why would anyone be surprised because remember, the president of the united states wasn't sure if egypt was an enemy or ally a couple months
4:08 am
ago. and keep in mind that this is a new phase for egypt now. even though they had -- who was the ruler before? mubarak. even though he was a dictator and did some horrible things, he was a friend of the united states. now it's just a huge question mark. egypt is the central player, as far as the survivalability of israel in this part of the world. so who knows what's going to happen next? morsi is holding a tremendous amount of power. >> brian: senator mccain says hey, obama, you got to condemn this guy. listen. >> this is not what the united states of america taxpayers expect and our dollars will be directly related to the progress towards democracy, which you promised the people of egypt when your party and you were elected president. stop. stop renown the statement and the move that he just made. allow the judiciary to function. if the judiciary is flawed in
4:09 am
some way, then that is an illness that can be cured over time of the but absolutely to assume this kind of power is unacceptable to the united states of america. and then we can outline what actions might be taken. but first condemn it. >> brian: morsi's quote, god made me captain of the ship. >> steve: al he was referred to as the new pharaoh. an hour ago, the white house released a statement if the congress fails to extend the tax cuts. >> i'm holding the report in my hand. president obama recently stated the middle class should not be held hostage while congress debates tax cuts for the
4:10 am
wealthy. he wants congress to agree on keeping taxes low for the middle class and the white house released this report and the middle class tax cuts impact on consumer spending and retailers. over the weekend, people have been holiday shopping, taking advantage of black friday and small business saturday sales. even the president and his own daughters joined the shopping at a small book store in northern virginia. today on cyber monday, the white house releasing this report showing its details on the impact to retailers and consumers. it states if congress fails to avert the fiscal cliff, taxes would rise by $2,200 for 98% of americans. the president wants democrats and republicans to agree on renewing tax cuts to give families and business morse certainty about the economy. but he wants those with incomes over $250,000 a year to pay a little more in taxes as we all know. which has been a sticking point with the gop. but now some republican lawmakers who earlier pledged to not vote for anything with a tax
4:11 am
increase now appear ready to relink wish that pledge in order to avoid the looping fiscal crisis. >> i would be very much opposed to raising tax rates, but i do believe we can close a lot of loopholes. >> they have to go up either real tax rates or effective tax rates. there is ways of doing that. secondly, though, we've got to close significant loopholes. >> bottom line, getting back to the report, the president is asking congress it act now specs tend the tax cuts for the middle class. they say the holiday season is not a time to threaten middle class pocketbooks. back to you. >> steve: thanks very much. the white house wants all the people who voted for barak obama to flood congressmen with e-mail and also with video messages via youtube saying why we should raise taxes on the rich. >> gretchen: so it's mainly for conservative democrats and to sway some republicans in those districts. we asked what you thought about this. will it change members of
4:12 am
congress' mind? here is marge, cut all loopholes, subsidies and reduce spending equally but do not raise taxes. >> steve: here is a tweet from heather. it would say do your job, pass a balanced budget like required by law. no more closed door secret tax meetings. >> brian: more e-mails and tweets coming. first let's welcome heather, another way to save money, shop on cyber monday. when we're done work. >> that's the thing, we used to wait until we got to the office on monday morning to start doing the shopping. now people are doing it over the weekend and they did it in huge numbers on friday. numbers were up 26% from last year on friday alone. and this year they're expected or today cyber monday they're expected to be up 20% over last year. >> steve: what are some of the deals? >> there is great deals. sears is now offering a 50% off plus an extra 10% off coats,
4:13 am
sleepwear, dresses, other things. wal-mart, play station 3, do you have one of those? >> brian: i don't play games. >> for your kids maybe. they're offering a a console with a charge and chat pack, whatever that is, for $269. target has an interesting one. nikon d, 3 is, a camera. 430 bucks. and then finally, amazon is offering a about 60% off of panasonic, 55-inch televisions -- >> gretchen: wait a minute, don't forget the last one. >> it's usually over $1,000. gretchen, this is for us. k-mart is offering a 75% off all diamond earrings. >> steve: fantastic. >> gretchen: >> and has been the most visited retailer. get your deals. >> gretchen: thank you. coming up, are black politicians
4:14 am
promise to go help black politicians but really helping themselves? it's a load question. our next guest says the answer is yes and has the evidence to prove it. >> brian: forget big brother. here comes a big mother. a new way for moms and dads to spry on their children who are driving [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. >> gretchen: 17 minutes after the top of the hour. it's no secret, the majority of african-american voters traditionally support the democratic candidate for office. so for example, in this past election, 93% of african-americans voted for president obama. 6% for mitt romney. but by vote not guilty democratic candidates, are african-americans getting a candidate who is actually in their corner? jason reilly is a columnist for the "wall street journal" and he's written a very interesting analysis of this very difficult. good to see you. >> good morning.
4:18 am
>> gretchen: you say that you actually believe that african-american politicians are doing a disservice to the african-american community and it starts with education. how? >> well, we had an example in election day where some voters in georgia, a state where one out of three kids does not graduate from high school in four years, passed school choice mission, to expand the number of charter schools in the state. it turns out where blacks live in the state, there was even more support for this initiative than in the state overall. it passed 59-41. it passed by better than 60% in some of these jurisdictions where blacks live. right after it past, state law members, led by the black caucus, said they're going to fight the law. here you have black parents overwhelmingly supporting school choice and not just in georgia, but we see these statewide. yet you have black lawmakers opposed. and there is a sort of disconnect between the agenda of black leadership, black
4:19 am
political leadership in particular, like the naacp and wants and feeds of the black community. >> gretchen: it's so amazing because the disconnect you talk about is starting from the top on down. president obama sends his own two children to private schools because he was against the voucher program in washington, d.c. >> exactly. off hugely popular program in dc producing great outcomes. the kids that use these vouchers, graduate at much higher rates, 30, 40 points higher rates than kids who attend the traditional public schools in washington, d.c yet the president has spent his first term trying to kill the dc voucher program. >> gretchen: it comes down to why? i'm going to guess it's one word, which is unions. >> yes. it is. the black leadership is heavily dependent on teachers unions and labor in general for political support. they put that ahead of the actual needs in the community. it's a shame because it's doing real harm. president obama likes to lecture us day in and day out about the importance of education and education spending.
4:20 am
yet he's killing a program -- he wants to kill funding fort dc voucher program. >> gretchen: i want you to finish the analysis that you talk about in your article because it's so important about how cyclical this is. if you don't start with a good education, what happens? >> all the bad outcomes we know. our prisons are not full of people with college degrees. we know the bad outcomes. the teen pregnancy, the drug rates and so forth. and the shame here is that black kids, minority kids are disproportionately stuck in the worst public schools that the system has to offer. which is why it's no surprise that these parents in georgia and other states, district of columbia, vote for school choice. they want to get out of this and a way to opt out of this awful situation that they're in and it's a shame that the black politicians want to keep them stuck there out of self interest. >> gretchen: it will be interesting to see if the republican party can outreach to
4:21 am
african-americans in the next few years. thank you so much. next up, cough syrup claiming the lives of 13 people. that story saight ahead. then key evidence in the casey anthony trial missed. the bombshell that could have changed the outcome of her murder case. it all had to do with a search on a computer [ grunts ] hand cramp! it's cramping. go ice that thing. sorry. hand cramp. ahh. [ male announcer ] cyber monday is back. shop now for great savings with free shipping. the first and only place to go for cyber monday.
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4:24 am
>> steve: it's time for yours news by the numbers. first, $47.5 million. that's just how much ubs was just fined for having poor management that led to a trading loss. or rather trader losing $2.3 billion. that's a big fine. next, 5,000. that's how many workers, new york will hire to help clean up from hurricane sandy. salaries come from a $27 million
4:25 am
federal grant. and finally over $107,000. that's how much you'll spend if you try to buy all the gifts from the 12 days of christmas. that is up 6.1% from last year. mr. kilmeade? >> brian: despite her involvement in the libya scandal and who was really to blame, senator john mccain says he still might consider supporting susan rice for secretary of state if she's nominated. will other republicans follow suit? south carolina representative jeff duncan wrote a letter to the president opposing rice's potential nomination and joins us live from spartanburg right now. congressman, does senator mccain's stance change your stance, the fact that he will listen when it comes to her telling her side of the story? >> no. i think susan rice is tainted. she rolled out on five sunday talk shows with a message of the administration that this was a response to a violent -- violent response to a video and nothing
4:26 am
was further from the truth. we know it was an act of terror. >> brian: we also know some other congressmen, many supported you in saying she should not be nominated. >> they are. we have about 100 signatures on the letter we sent to president obama saying there are other choices out there and susan rice is probably not the best choice. >> brian: i also saw that peter king was asked the same question on "meet the press." he says just because she looked at the unclassified documents and if they were coming from the white house, it's incumbent on her to go beyond those talking points and do her own research before going on five talk shows. do you feel the same way? >> absolutely. the real question here is why would susan rice put on the sunday talk shows with a message that misled the american people for the real reason behind the attacks, especially when it was just weeks before a very important presidential election. >> brian: when she came out and pled her case last week, did that change your mind at all?
4:27 am
when she said i was just going over the information that i was given at the time and she sounded somewhat open to questions about her role in this entire thing. >> it comes down to her credibility now. do we want someone as secretary of state that is somehow tainted in this whole benghazi issue? i don't think so. i think the bigger question to ask is she should have known the information, should have had all the talking points, the truth to the matter and the fact she misled the american people, whether intentional or unintentional, she is tainted in this issue. >> brian: congressman, thank you very much. we'll see if the president takes the next step and nominates her. >> thank you. >> brian: 2 1/2 minutes before the bottom of the hour. how much would you pay to spy on your teenage driver? one company offer ago deal to parents. then the new financial bubble is about to burst. stuart varney says yes. why else would he come walking into our studio on this
4:28 am
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>> brian: time for your shot of the morning. it is gangnam style. the most watched video. the top star's single reached 805 million views on the site this saturday, surpassing the biebs. justin bieber's "baby," which is 803 million. >> gretchen: what was that? stuart varney and i are both asking that, is why it surpassed the biebs. little butt. >> brian: it was a little butt? >> gretchen: there was more than just a little. >> brian: wow. what a shame. >> gretchen: okay. after that we got to do some headlines. new bombshell evidence that could have changed outcome in the casey anthony murder trial. police in florida now admitting that they missed a google search done by someone in the anthony household for the temple "foolproof suffocation." the search done the same day two-year-old killly was --
4:33 am
killly anthony was seen alive t. may have called the claim of accidental death into question. even her defense attorney says he was shocked it never came up in court. >> steve: over a dozen people in pakistan died after drinking cough syrup. it happened in the eastern city of lahor. cops say the victims were all drug addicts who were drinking the medicine to get high. the manufacturer has been arrested and the factory has been shut down, as well as several pharmacies selling that particular cough syrup. it is currently being tested. >> brian: hostess, which was forced to close its doors due to union demands has left the country hungry for twinkies. this is especially true in florida where one bakery is selling them for 50 cents. >> it's sad they're not going to know what twinkies are.
4:34 am
>> it's just sad that a few greedy people decided to make a pay cut wasn't good enough and wanted 100% pay cut. ridiculous. >> brian: so many people turned out for the sweet sale. the store sold 2100 twinkies in 15 minutes. >> gretchen: would you pay $99 to find out how your teen-ager drives when they think you're not watching? that's exactly what parents can do as part of a new police program being launched in 285 cities across the country. an off-duty police officer will tail your teen on the road for 15 to 20 minutes, then report their findings to the parents. >> i said, i'm going to have you follow followed. you're going to be followed and if there is a problem, we're going to have a problem. so i thought that might in itself might be a good enough of a message for her to drive properly and then thought why not, let's do this.
4:35 am
let's get a report and see how it goes. >> gretchen: that parent let her daughter know she was going to be followed, so it encouraged safer driving all the time. you see that works, all the parents know that. like i tell my son that i'm watching him at lunch at school. >> steve: you're watching him at lunch? >> gretchen: that mommies have special eyes behind their heads. you never know when mommy is going to show up for lunch. it works. >> steve: there you go. all right. >> brian: it's there. you're never too young to lie to your kids. >> gretchen: called a white lie, brian. >> steve: stuart varney is watching me do the weather. widely scattered showers through portions of louisiana, up through the lower mississippi valley. also a little snow this morning, believe it or not, around the great lakes and some rain in portions of the ohio valley. it is chilly in the northern plains and --
4:36 am
>> chilly? >> steve: it's chilly. >> 21? that is freezing cold. >> steve: they're hardened folk. they can take t unlike you, mr. 37 in new york city. >> brian: is this an or a weather segment? >> steve: i was under pressure. >> just get on with it. >> steve: today's daytime highs, stewart, do that. >> looks like 46 in new york. in san francisco, before the fog rolls in, it's 63 degrees. but l.a., beautiful, 69 degrees, ladies and gentlemen. >> gretchen: i like it! >> thank you very much. >> steve: stop by any time. we're going to talk to him in a minute. right now we have to listen to some sports. >> brian: you sure two are done? >> i want to do sports. >> brian: come on over. go ahead. come on, come on. battle between two of the most recent super bowl champs. the giants showed why they're back in the game last night. look at that. read the prommer. >> they're back in the game last night. eli manning threw three
4:37 am
touchdown passes. now has 200 touchdown passes in his career. they put an end to the packers winning stream, giants, take that, baby. >> brian: you're not done. >> oh now for your best moments of the nfl, from the weekend. first, best trick play. miami dolphins, sprinkler waking up the crowd? >> brian: look at that. the crowd and their phones and came back to beat the seahawks 24-21. they were supposed to go on saturday, they within on sunday. next. >> brian: baltimore trailing, when? >> the ray rice captures pass, 60-yard run. leads raven to ten unanswered points. wins on e.t. >> brian: this is kind of shorthand. best touchdown pass, peyton manning, much older brother of eli. 51 years old.
4:38 am
kc lost to the braincase. best upset? >> browns bash steelers. forced eight turnovers. >> brian: unbelievable that it's the same pit burg steelers you grew up in england watching. very nice! [ applause ] >> gretchen: the best part about that was that it was entirely football, a sport you know nothing about. >> did you have to tell them that? >> gretchen: you know about football, it's european. it's soccer. >> correct. >> gretchen: you know about the economy. you twittered out you were going to warn us about the next bubble. >> all of us on this couch lived through two bubbles. disasterous bubble, dot com and housing. maybe we're in a third bubble which is buying uncle sam's bonds because a lot of people have been doing this thinking that if you buy a treasury security, as they're called, you
4:39 am
are dead safe, absolutely dead safe. millions of people have poured a lot of money into these treasuries. and up goes the price, up goes the value. a bubble level. but watch out, bubbles break with disasterous consequences. >> brian: what would cause something like this to break? >> if lenders stop lending money to america's government, if ben bernanke stops printing money, if inflation really takes off, then those bond prices have have gone straight up to bubblelike proportions come straight down of the that bubble bursts and people who have invested in those bonds lose money. maybe this is the third big bubble. maybe. >> steve: that would be unfortunate because so many people and a lot of people who are retired put their money into bonds and they have seen the amount of money they've been able to get from the bonds go way down in the last couple of years. >> yes. if you invest for ten years with uncle sam at the moment, you earn 1.6% interest. that is it. that's. >> gretchen: bernanke's job appears to be safe because you remember, mitt romney said he
4:40 am
would fire bernanke. mitt romney did not become president. so wouldn't the chances that he just continues to print money? >> oh, he'll keep printing. but at some point you have to stop. you can't just print for generations on end. when the time comes, that's the point you may have this bubble burst. >> brian: not only that, countries. couldn't countries go under, too, on top of that? >> yes, they could. that could all happen. yes. the point is, millions of people think that an investment with uncle sam is dead safe. wrong. it is not. we may northbound a bubble in that particular investment. >> brian: back to the mattress. >> steve: we've got to wean ourselves off of the company of money. >> gretchen: if you can figure out what fg is, let me know later. >> with a does that mean? >> gretchen: field goal. >> oh, yes. >> steve: thank you very much. we'll be watching you at 9:20 on
4:41 am
the fox business channel. >> gretchen: coming up, who is to blame for the looming fiscal cliff? if you watched the other networks, the answer is simple. it's always the republicans' fault. but is it actually true? tucker carlson on the case coming up next. >> steve: then nothing says christmas like a picture of santa and guns. but not everybody is feeling so merry about this. ho, ho, hold the machine gun. >> brian: aflac trivia question. born on this day in 1939, the real name of this singer is anna mae bullock. who is this? be the first with the correct answer [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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4:45 am
go to the emergency room with injuries from broken bones to cuts and concussions. experts say kids under six shouldn't use them, but we know those are the kids who love them. and jenna bush haguear, she's returning to her roots for her next project. the former first daughter is joining southern living magazine as an editor at large. she'll bright a monthly column called "paper napkin interview" and contribute to a daily blog. steve? >> steve: thanks. it's no laughing matter, if the united states falls off the fiscal cliff at the end of the year, we could be thrown into another major recession. the only solution? figure out what to do. compromise. so if this is about finding middle ground, why are main stream media members blaming republicans 16 times more often than democrats? joining us to break down all this is founder of the daily caller, tucker carlson. good morning to you, tucker. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: abc, cbs and nbc
4:46 am
exclusively blamed congress 16 times more than president obama for the fiscal cliff and the six months prior to the election. >> yes. and not just congress, but republicans in congress who were inflexible, they're fighting tax raises on the rich. you would think if you watched coverage of this debate that grover norquist was single handedly stopping progress from occurring. he's not a member of congress, he does not have a constituency. he is an activist in washington. by the way, this story to some extent is over. republicans have signaled they are open to raising taxes on the rich. many of them have attacked grover norquist. but if you get a hand held calculator and a calculator action you will conclude that the rich being undertaxed is not the reason we have a debt larger than our economy. it's entitlements. medicare, medicaid and social security. and by the way, that's the debate. will we curtail entitlement spending and that is exactly the debate that is not being covered in the press.
4:47 am
>> steve: and the reason we brought this up is because according to the research, the main stream media blaming republicans more for the problem, it's a shared responsibility. first of all, the sequester, despite what the president said at the debate, which actually an invention of the white house. so you've got to -- when you talk about compromise, you've got to blame both parties for not sitting down at the table until now. >> well, for the republican point of view, it was a pretty dumb deal actually. sequester, the entire deal was a way for the white house to take this debate off the table before the election and in the end, that helped president obama. but right now the only question is will democrats show any flexibility at all at curtailing medicare spending, period? harry reid has already said social security is off the table. we're not touching social security. that's not a story? no. it really wasn't. that was basically uncovered by the networks. but the debate now is entitlements and that is getting almost no attention. >> steve: in the meantime, you look at the stuff and it looks
4:48 am
like the main stream media essentially acting as a negotiator on behalf of the white house. republicans need to cave. don't think of it that way. think of compromise because that at thend of the day, both parties will give up something. >> sure. and by the way, let me to be totally honest, republicans have already caved. they've already fallen for it, right? they've already been pushed into, you watched the sunday shows, attacking grover norquist, as if that's the point. it's not. so the press has cowed republicans to do their bidding and in effect, doing the white house's bidding. but again, the real story is going unanded and that is will harry reid and the democrats in the house, led by nancy pelosi, show any movement at all in their willingness to rein in entitlement spending? >> steve: sure. and it sounds like what both sides are going to say for the next two weeks until about two weeks from now, it's really the drop dead date, both sides are going to say, sorry, the other side isn't giving up enough until we get to a mini cliff and
4:49 am
then, you know, suddenly there will be some sort of a solution. just like that. >> there will be many false peaks between here and there. >> steve: you can bet on it. tucker carlson joining us early on this monday after thanksgiving, thank you very much for joining us live from dc. >> thanks. >> steve: you bet. it is now 11 minutes before the top of the hour on this monday of the it's a christmas card the relatives will probably never forget. the kids, santa, and ak 47. but this idea is triggering a controversy. the man behind it here next. but first, on this date in history back in 1970, "i think i love you" by the partridge family, number one. ♪ i only want to make you happy ♪ ♪ and if you say hey go away i will ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo!
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4:52 am
>> brian: aflac trivia question,
4:53 am
tina turner. the winner is barbara o'con prosecutor philadelphia, pennsylvania. let me start the segment. nothing says christmas like a family picture with santa and ak 47s. perhaps maybe that's in your christmas list. maybe it's not. >> gretchen: okay. the scottsdale gun club in arizona offering a families that unique photo op. er. >> it's americana. everybody wants a red rider bb gun for christmas. why not get a real gun when you're an adult? >> i think everyone should have a gun for protection and it's our right to be able to have them. why not? >> brian: joining us right now, general manager of the scottsdale gun club, ron kennedy. so you fly the props, the guns, you just bring your family and get these pictures done, right? >> that's correct. >> brian: and how is it going? >> it's going great. this is our third year doing this at the scottsdale gun club and every year it continues to grow larger and larger. a lot of folks turn this into a
4:54 am
regular holiday tradition. >> gretchen: this begs the question, how the heck do you get started with santa and guns? >> it started three years ago. we had a customer actually a member of ours in the gun club that came in dressed as santa claus. several of the other customers and members in there wanted to get their picture taken with him. so we decided to formalize it and put together a structuredin. >> brian: what do you say to people who say we're giving out the wrong message, santa and guns? get my christmas list filled out or else. >> well, i think that whenever you talk about firearms is always a divisive issue with some folks, it's a very black and white industry, either you like them or support them or don't. what we're trying to do ask add a little holiday spirit into people's second amendment rights to be able to carry and purchase firearms. >> gretchen: it's anybody's right to do whatever they want, especially when it comes to the second amendment. i know that there is a member of
4:55 am
the congress in arizona, democratic member who is sensitive to the gabby giffords shooting incident and thinks maybe this is not the right image to portray. how would you respond back to that gentleman? >> i think that people have an individual choice to make. if they don't want to participate in this, they don't have to. it's something that basically we provide as a service to our customers and members. we do go all through the safety precautions, remove the firing pin, no fingers on the triggers. we do completely free firearm safety class for families. so we definitely want to educate people about shooting sports and proper shooting techniques. >> brian: do you think there is a chance this could spread to easter? and have the easter bunny with family? >> we don't have any plans for other holidays. >> gretchen: how does santa feel about it? >> santa has been very supportive. this is his second visit coming up this sunday, the 2nd. he seems to really want to get the word out there and he likes to see families enjoy the
4:56 am
shooting sports together. >> brian: one thing i'm noticing that you might have a rule out there, don't point the gun at santa. is that a rule? >> that is correct. we practice proper muzzle techniques, firearms pointed away, outside of the pictures. again, no fingers on the trigger. >> brian: why not arm santa? have you thought about that? >> in regards to pointing? >> brian: like could you give santa a gun? >> santa does not carry a firearm. >> brian: okay. >> gretchen: i think that's great idea, actually. okay. ron kennedy is the general manager of the scottsdale gun club where this has become a new fad. thanks for explaining it to us. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> gretchen: coming up, the last budget showdown didn't go so well for the white house. but this time they've got a better idea. wait 'til you are hear who they're bringing back to lead the negotiations. it's a big secret. do you know who it is. >> brian: i do know. but i'm going to pretend not to.
4:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is monday, november 26, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing your time with us today. i hope you had a great holiday weekend. they made a pledge to the american people never to raise taxes. but now several top republicans say they're going to back down on one condition. >> steve: we're a couple weeks' way from everybody's taxes going up unless washington can work together. so is turbo tax tim geithner the best guy to fix the problem? the man who cooperate figure out his own taxes? he's involved. we'll tell you how straight ahead. >> brian: forget big professional here comes big mother. a way for moms and dads to spy on their kids. the new drivers got somebody looking over their shoulder. "fox & friends" starts now.
5:01 am
>> steve: welcome to "fox & friends." now that we've gone through thanksgiving, we're one month away from christmas. but this year we're conflicted because at the end of the month is christmas and right next to it is the fiscal cliff. >> gretchen: i'm just going to think about christmas. radio he have it up to congress to worry about the fiscal cliff. they got us into this mess. so we should celebrate christmas and be merry and happy. that's the way i'm going to look at it because all they do is sit around and not get along. maybe this time they'll actually get the christmas spirit and actually get something done. >> brian: maybe. there is also if you're a defense contractor, you don't know what to do. you have no idea if you're going to be hiring people or firing people or maybe you're doing it anyway because you got to cut possibly $500 billion instantly out of your budget. >> steve: surely. now, grover norquist has -- a very long time, as the founder
5:02 am
of americans for tax reform oh, gotten hundreds of republicans to sign his pledge that if elected, in washington, they would not raise taxes. so he's got in a filing cabinet in the office somewhere, all of those pledges. here is the thing, we've got to raise more money and there are a number of republicans who have said okay. we can raise revenue maybe close deduction, loophole, stuff like that, just don't raise taxes. lindsey graham has actually said, maybe it's time to reexamine him signing the pledge. maybe he would go for higher taxes. here is what the senator said on abc. >> i agree with gopher, we shouldn't raise rates. but i think grover is wrong when it comes to we can't cap deductions and buy down debt. what do you do with the money? i want to buy down debt and cut rates to create jobs. but i will violate the pledge, long story short, for the good of the country, only if democrats will do entitlement reform. >> brian: it's interesting that they're playing their cards in front of the people on a sunday when negotiations don't start
5:03 am
until today. >> gretchen: do they have a choice? >> brian: maybe. maybe they could keep their cards tight, but it shows some gift. saxby chambliss said i care more about my country than a 20 year pledge and he believes it's patriotic. >> steve: what they're doing is they're showing we haven't even started. all of the cards are on the table. it's the same way with susan rice because a number of republicans have come out over the last couple of weeks and said, she's completely disqualified for what she said in benghazi. but now they've kind of walked it back. we'll give geraldo rivera chance to explain what she was meaning when she said it was spontaneous. >> gretchen: that's because president obama won reelection. back to grover norquist. i think you get into difficult situation in relationships in general when you make people sign on the dotted line and then you crucify them if they ever decide to change their mind. i'll bring it back to like marriage. marriages don't work when one or both parties stand on both sides of the fence and say, i'm not budging.
5:04 am
then you get divorced. that's what happens. and it's the same analogy can hold true here, not that republicans should all decide to raise taxes. there should be also cuts on the other side. but i do think you get into sticky water when you make people sign to something and then they feel like they can never change their mind. >> steve: it's nice that some people, they stand for something. i went to washington to try to change things. >> gretchen: i agree that. but then they should stand for it on their own of the they shouldn't have to sign a pledge from somebody else. >> steve: but there are other ways. the republicans make a good case, there are other ways to raise the money and washington is a gigantic spender and waster of dough. >> brian: that's true. by the way, the other thing that just keep in mind, it's not going to work. nothing is going to a. it's going to be i got that trophy in my trophy case. i've got the rich to pay for 39 to -- 35 to 39%. you could make an argument when bill clinton did that, it slowed down the economy in the middle of the dot com bubble. liz cheney brought up growth
5:05 am
overt weekend and thomas freedman up. can we talk about growth for a second and not all about cutting and raising taxes? meanwhile, let's talk about what the white house wants to do. they want to put more pressure on the lawmakers that do not want to raise taxes by asking everybody that supported them to come forward with youtube videos, post them on twitter and facebook of those lawmakers, like moderate democrats and republicans that don't necessarily want to go along with the increase in taxes. so he asked you that question. what would you put in a video or an text message. >> gretchen: i feel like the campaign is still going on with this messaging. >> steve: it never ended. >> gretchen: the election is over. i don't really understand this idea of going back to the voters and creating youtube videos to talk about whether or not you should put pressure on your members of congress to raise taxes. here is what tracy in maryland thought about it in an e-mail. if my taxes go over 35%, i will decrease the number of patients i see. she's a doctor. daily to reduce my income which means my staff will also reduce
5:06 am
their income. that is the reality that a lot of physicians and small business owners are going to be facing. >> steve: joel in new york e-mailed this, let everybody pay their fair share. including those who pay no federal taxes and use government services. pay 2%, or $10 per year. how is it fair to pay nothing? and as we've told you on this program a number of times about half the country pays no federal income tax. >> brian: by the way, the message from the white house is to get the rich to pay more. to pay their fair share. one said, quit spending money that we don't have. if i have to live on a budget, so should you. cut back and spend less. >> gretchen: i don't understand why there is not -- maybe there is outrage, but maybe not justify of it. why do states have to balance their budgets and the federal government doesn't? i mean, that should be the first thing that they discuss when both parties get together to discuss this fiscal cliff. how difficult is that? let's talk about balancing the budget first. by the way, we have not passed a
5:07 am
budget in this country for more than three years. shouldn't that be on the agenda? >> steve: states can't deficit finance. but by statute, our federal government can. that's why we're $16 trillion in the hole. >> brian: when you are tired about talk being this country, let's talk about another. a stunning announcement out of israel, ehud barak calling it quits. leeland vittert got that news and is here to tell us what it's like inside jerusalem with that big news. what's the story? how is this playing? >> brian, shocking but not all that surprising. ehud barak is trying to go out on a good note. over the past couple of years, not that politically popular. did very well last week in the latest gaza war. got a popularity boost in the polls. time to move on. not only is he the former defense minister, but former prime minister. but as of late had not been doing that well politically. looked like he was not going to get a loft votes on january 22. so he bows out.
5:08 am
he says i'm gog retire from public life now for the second time, which we'll see if it happens. this time. what's interesting, he's israel's most decorated soldier and successful defense minister. even though he's not standing for election, going forward when the new prime minister comes into office, anyone can ask someone to be in the government. so conceivably, he will not be elected. he could once again be the defense minister. we'll have to see how that happens going forward. the other big story that everyone is watching that made headlines is what's going on inside egypt. there were mass protests by liberal opposition groups against president morsi in egypt. he put forward a decree that many are calling now making him the new pharaoh in egypt. certainly harking back to the mubarak times of the emergency laws and those kinds of things. those brought people out to the streets. one person was killed. 60 injured when crowds storm the muslim brotherhood offices. today president morsi is meeting with the judiciary whose decree
5:09 am
made irrelevant to try to calm things down and tomorrow there is huge protests planned on either side and that's the thing to watch to see whether this will explode again once again on the streets of cairo. back to you. >> steve: all right. live in jerusalem with the very latest. thank you. >> gretchen: and now the rest of today's headlines for monday. thousands of workers protesting today demanding justice for a factory fire. this happened in bangladesh. 112 people died. crowds are block streets and throwing rocks at the burned out garment factory, many workers were trapped in the building because if you can believe this, there were no emergency exits for them. there are reports that some of the clothes being made there were for wal-mart, sears, and the clothing line of sean colmes. in two hours, west virginia congresswoman shelly moore capito will announce her candidacy for senate. she was just elected to her 7th term in congress is a pro choice republican. she will run for democrat jay rockefeller's seat.
5:10 am
the 75-year-old held that seat since 1984. here is a question for you, should a mentally handicapped person be executed for committing murder? that's the question that will be debated in one courtroom this morning. for the next two weeks, lawyer also argue that the man should not get the death penalty because his iq is below 70. he was convicted of killing nypd officers back in 2003. prosecutors will use his facebook postings as evidence to counter his claim because in those facebook postings, he quotes author ralph ellison, martin luther king, junior, and henry ford. china celebration for reaching a milestone is land ago fighter jet on its first aircraft carrier is short lived. this after the senior engineer behind the program suffers a heart attack and dies. state media ran the news of his death as its leading story, giving an unexpected and unusual honor to a relatively unknown
5:11 am
scientist. those are your headlines. >> steve: goes to show you how wig it was over there. meanwhile, a lot of people at their houses, they've got absolutely worthless powerball receipts they tried to play overt weekend. now the powerball jackpot is up to $425 million. what are the odds of winning the powerball jackpot? take a look at this. one in -- there is the number right there. >> gretchen: a trillion? >> steve: i that i is a gazillion. >> brian: can you translate that to not likely. >> steve: it isn't. one in 175 trillion. the odds of winning the jackpot. none the less, millions of us are going to go ahead and try it again. >> gretchen: why not? you never know. but how can you increase your odds? we had this expert on. he has won the lotto eight times before. richard lustic. here is his advice. pay close attention. >> casual players, people that just play once in a while, there
5:12 am
is -- it doesn't matter what you do. you might as well buy quick picks. if you're a regular player, you know you don't buy quick pickses. play regular numbers. there's a method to it. it will increase your chances of winning. one of my biggest rules is set a budget. don't spend grocery money. don't spend rent money. figure out what you can afford to spend and be satisfied with that amount of tickets. don't play greedy. play smart. so yes, pooling your money together with a few people and playing is a very good thing to do. >> steve: but if you're going to play in a pool, make sure you all understand going in, all right, we're all in this together. if og to be the person who is holding the tickets is going to wind up on the news. it's all of us together. >> brian: my dad owns a bar and he goes, i don't have any money, the customer gave my dad's bar tender a the lo toe ticket. he won $20,000 on the spot. the guy goes, i never gave it to you. i'm suing you. so all the money got lost to litigation. >> steve: i think that was also a movie.
5:13 am
>> brian: it should have been. i should sue somebody for stealing my idea. >> gretchen: what they say is to sign the back of the lottery tickets, every person ho is part of the pool. maybe have a legal document so you don't have brian's family story. >> brian: next up, more on this fiscal cliff. should you believe democrats who say republicans are holding the middle class hostage? peter johnson, jr. here on his own volition to tell you. >> steve: then one company offering a free flu shots for employees, but if you refuse to get the shot, you're fired. >> gretchen: wow [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. till you finish your vegetables.
5:14 am
[ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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5:16 am
>> steve: is president obama doing enough to bring congressional leaders together to avert the fiscal cliff at the end of this year? goodwin says the president should take some advice from one of the predecessors to the oval
5:17 am
office. >> if lbj were there now trying to get the fiscal cliff, they'd be sleeping at the white house. boehner would be in one room and lbj would be parading around in his robe. >> steve: fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us live this morning. >> that's not the strategy this year. no. it's keep the election going. we've got the internet, rooms of people ready to go. we lost in some ways the public debate on obamacare when the tea party went to rallies, went to a town hall meetings. we're not going to lose it again. print and action kit. unions and certain progressive groups have sent out an action kit. so you can download posters that say middle class over millionaires. so the president is saying the republicans are holding the middle class hostage. but what in fact is happening is the president and the white house is getting a posse together ready to push rich folks over the so-called fiscal
5:18 am
cliff. if we have the rich pay more, although the statistics don't prove it in any way -- then all our problems will be solved. happy days are here again. and so some people say, the election choices were made. the president won. people want tax increases for the rich, so-called. >> steve: yeah. but just the first group the president met with after the election were labor leaders. and obviously he presented their plan. this is what we're going to do. we're going to continue to beat the drum and go after this class warfare thing, which i get it during the campaign, but the campaign is in the rearview mirror. it's time to come up with a deal. >> flank it's exhausting and i think the american people are exhausted by the fighting and the bitterness. there was so much talk, and i talked about it. i was optimistic after the election that we would have some type of consensus. but now it's clear and they've put it out in the times and the post and all the blogs and they said, well, the president is in
5:19 am
campaign mode. instead, i think, the president should be in consensus mode. in conciliation mode, in bringing these people together so we don't go off the fiscal cliff, so we don't have tax increases across the board, so we don't have defense cuts that make us terribly, terribly weak in terms of the world, but that's not the posture. i think the posture is, we're going to double down. we won the election. we can win this. we can win the next fight after this. let's build the group back together again for one more fight. then we can take on immigration, we can take on some other wedge issues in this country and win those. the problem is, we do a disservice and do vie license to our culture in having a fight after fight after fight. gooden was saying, be like lbj in passing the civil rights act, if passing medicare. bring john mccormack, then the
5:20 am
speaker of the house and others into the white house, talk, whisper, fight, cajole. beat each other up. privately. come to consensus that way. i don't think this country is ready for division right now. we're ready for healing at this point and ready to solve this and not kick it over. kicking it over is the easy way. >> steve: it should be let's make a deal. not my way or the highway. >> you got it. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. it's like low jack for women. husbands electronically tracking their wives. we're going to tell where you this is happening and how you can avoid it. and then, secret police files shredded and yet not so secret. used as confess fifthy at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. how in the world did this happen in we got some of the facts straight ahead [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil®
5:21 am
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for cyber monday. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment. we're america's natural gas.
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> gretchen: if you're just waking up, 24 minutes after the top of the hour. 150 trihealth employees got fired because they didn't get the required flu shot. they are one of cincinnati's largest employers to give the shot for free. so the workers can appeal the pink slips once they prove they go the shot somewhere else. and it's the south pacific island that never was. on google map, look at your screen. you see that. it's called sandy island off the coast of australia. but when a ship reached the location where it was supposed to be, nothing was actually there. scientists believe human error led to the mistake. brian, we're humans and still make snakes. >> brian: not me. it turns out balloons weren't the only thing that blew up at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the confetti contain social
5:25 am
security numbers and papers that were shredded and not that much. now the person who discovered it on his shoulder, 18-year-old college student, eat than. >> where were you when you looked at your coat and noticed there was some paper on with you words on it? >> thank you for having me. every year i go to the parade around 65th and central park west or generally in the area. and actually one of the girls that i was with, she first noticed a shredded piece of paper on her coat that said fsn and looked like there was a social security number. and we thought that was really bizarre. so we started looking at all the confetti around us and we noticed even more information and it really concerned us. >> brian: it did. what kind of information did you find on your jacket and did you find on the ground around you? >> the information included social security numbers, a piece of paper that said detective and
5:26 am
a name and a social security number on it. license plate numbers, police reports. there was one shred piece of paper that talked about at 4:30 a.m., a pipe bomb was in some area of long island. and also i mentioned it said romney motorcade and looked like there maybe was a name of a police officer or something assigned. >> brian: i understand the cops came to your house last night. you weren't there. you are at school now. what did they say? >> so they spoke to my father who was also with me at the parade. and they asked some questions about details of where we were and what we found. they took back the confetti we had collected and that was what we showed to fox 5 in new york. they also wanted to know who we were with. and seemed to really be doing a thorough investigation. >> brian: so they're not mad at you. they were concerned, possibly more concerned.
5:27 am
here is what they said, the nassau county police department is very concerned. we will be conducting an investigation into this matter, as well as reviewing our processes for disposing of sensitive materials. i would say that's an understatement. by the way, how are you handling this newfound fame? >> well, i'm happy that the nassau county police department is doing an investigation into this matter. at first i didn't know what to do with this information and i contacted a local news agency in new york, picks 11 news. i thought it would kind of stop there after the investigation was launched and i was surprised and overwhelmed to get more media attention from it. but i'm glad that the nassau county police department is doing an investigation. >> brian: i'm glad you reached out and didn't brush off the stuff and got about your day and went back to school. ethan, thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> brian: three minutes before the bottom of the how many how much would you pay a cop to spy
5:28 am
on your teenage driver? a deal parents will want to hear about. then key evidence in the casey anthony trial missed. the bombshell that could have changed the outcome of the murder case. i know greta is on this [ malannouncer ] it'that time of year again. time for cii price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all you need is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. buy now. save later.
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
♪ on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me ♪ ♪ a part ridge in a pear tree ♪ . >> gretchen: i am so excited to hear, i don't know why, i am so into the christmas spirit already. i am! look at these beautiful decorations we have outside of our building. >> steve: beautiful. >> brian: it took me forever to spray paint them. >> gretchen: we have beautiful lights. there is music hall and beautiful christmas tree lights right outside of our building. so shot of your morning. want to buy all the gifts from the 12 days of christmas carol? this is my favorite story of the day because guess how much it's going to cost you if you actually want to buy all 12? a whopping 107,000, $300. that's a 6% jump from last year because prices on some of the gifts went up, like the 7 swans,
5:33 am
geese,. >> brian: cyber monday will feature how much a are swans. >> gretchen: for people who are cheap, the cheapest item on the list, you can get a partridge for just $15. >> steve: right. you want the pear tree. >> brian: they always hit you with the pear tree. >> gretchen: how do they know that the 11 pipers piping are 2,560? >> steve: craigslist. >> gretchen: okay. how do they know 12 drummers drumming are 12,257. and eight maids a milking are 58 bucks? >> steve: you're not saying you're getting good drummer boys. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: what did you ask? >> brian: pete best. >> steve: you're not aware of this? >> brian: no. >> steve: meanwhile, people are going to be spending a lot of money today, estimated americans will spend $1.5 billion because today is cyber monday.
5:34 am
we've got our lop taps open. let's go to adam shapiro from the "fox business" network live at phoenix to get a behind the scenes look at all the action as the orders roll in and adam, i'm looking at the deals that amazon's got. they've got a 40-inch trampoline. they've got harley-davidson hats. they've got the kindle fire is cheap. >> gretchen: wow. >> steve: today is the day! >> i don't know if you're going to get any pipers piping, but take a look as i show you some of the deals. this facility is one of 40 nationwide. it's their largest in the country here in phoenix. and 1.2 million square feet. now look at some of the stuff they are offering a today, cyber monday. this is cyber central. for instance, the kindle fire on sale, it's usually 159 bucks. today $129. you can get your hd or standard definition version. then take a look at this. this canon camera. $1,049 right now. but that includes all kinds of
5:35 am
lenses and packages, about $400 off of the full price. then this tv. they're showing spiderman. this usually $2,500. yours today for $1,000. you've got your traditional stuff like furby. cyber monday, 1.5 to $2 billion in sales. but talk about having fun. i'm gog put a master moves mickey here on the ground. check this out. this is on sale today as well. cyber monday through, watch what he does. gretchen, i want to see do you this in studio. he's going to start moving in just a second. one of the hot tups. usually $79. thirty dollars right now. as you watch mickey move here, keep in mind that there are 40 of these fulfillment centers nationwide. 80 world wide. they're going to sell, like we discussed from 1.5 to $2 billion worth of goods, all of the on-line retailers. this -- >> gretchen: that was the -- that was a deal breaker.
5:36 am
that move is the deal breaker! >> steve: the break dancer. >> i think master moves micky is about 30 bucks. pretty good deal there. i'm going to come back here. you would rather watch him, but i'm going to wrap up. cyber monday, huge on-line event. of course, everybody watching this as we throw back to you in studio., one of the retailers who are going to be very active today. again, it's going to be roughly $100 billion season. if you're look for a deal, you don't are have to wait in line. this tv, $1,000. it's usually $2,500. >> steve: thank you very much. >> brian: what show are you watching? >> spiderman. this is spiderman. that's martin sheen's father. that's the guy who plays spidy. >> steve: andrew garfield, i believe. very good. by the way, speaking of cultural
5:37 am
reference, it does look like pete best still alive. >> gretchen: thank goodness. >> brian: 24 minutes before the top of the hour. the white house just released a report building its case for extending the middle class tax cuts. doug mckelway has the details on this and the latest on what we can expect on the fiscal cliff because guess what? everyone comes back to work this week. am i right, doug? >> you're right, brian. everybody is at work here at the white house. they're filing in now. this report released this morning by the white house details the impact of what will happen if we fall off the so-called fiscal cliff. just as importantly, it puts tremendous political pressure on congressional republicans to do something that most of them are forcally opposed to, which is raising taxes. the report says in part, quote f congress doesn't act, middle class families will see their income taxes go up january 1. the typical family will see them go up by $2,200 next year.
5:38 am
negatively impacting retailers and businesses nationwide. yesterday, senator john mccain reiterated his opposition to increasing revenues and taxes. here he is. >> because every economist that i respect says if you raise tax rates at this time, in fact, the president even said that a couple of years ago -- that it harms the economy. we're trying to help the economy. so unless i can be convinced that raising tax rates will be beneficial, then obviously i think there is reason and grounds for my position. >> but other republicans have signaled a willingness to break their pledge to raise revenues. senator lindsey graham speaking on one of the talk shows over the weekend said he's willing to entertain closing tax loopholes and deductionses, but only with the commensurate deeply painful cuts from the democrats. here he is. >> i will violate the pledge, long story short, for the good of the country, only if democrats will do entitlement reform.
5:39 am
>> let me salute lindsey graham. what he just said about revenue and taxes needs to be said on his side of the i'll. we need to be honest on our side of the aisle and as we did under bowles simpson, put everything on the table. >> but when asked if he'd be willing to reform social security, senator durbin says social security doesn't add one penny to the debt. that it's a separately funded operation. one final note, the president was out shopping on saturday and when asked by a pool reporter if that was his part to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, the president said, come on, guys, we're just christmas shopping here. that's it from the white house. talks expected to continue this week. back to you. >> steve: let the games begin. douglas, thank you. >> gretchen: now to the rest of today's headlines, brand-new evidence that could have changed the outcome of the casey anthony murder trial. police in florida now admitting that they missed a google search done by someone in the anthony household. the search seems kind obvious. it was for the words, foolproof suffocation. the search done the same day
5:40 am
two-year-old caylee anthony was last seen live. the mom acquitted of her daughter's murder, even her defense attorney says he was shocked this never came up in court. >> steve: meanwhile, it's like low jack for women. husbands or fathers can now electronically track their wives or daughters in saudi arabia when the women cross the boarder, the men get a text message. they can't leave the country unless their guardian sign them out at a border. saudi arabia applies strict interpretation of sharia law and it's the only country in the world where women are not allowed to drive. >> brian: do they get specific, like your sixth wife has just crossed the border? or generic. >> steve: you're a name. >> brian: look at this. a whale shark struggling to swim because it has a giant rope wrapped around it. the rope cutting into its skin. it was their so long, barncals were growing off it. then thanks to a group of scuba divers, they were able to cut the rope free. then the animal swam off because
5:41 am
he's in the water. in the pacific ocean off the coast of mexico. if you see a whale shark with rug burns, it's the same one. >> steve: rope burns. >> brian: rope your honor buts. >> gretchen: she did it. indianapolis colts cheerleader meghan m shaved her head during the third quarter of the colts-bills game. the team's mascot issued a challenge, if he could raise 10 grand works a cheerleader let him shave her head? the money was for leukemia research in honor of coach pagano. here is what she had to say when she joined us earlier this morning. >> it was really overwhelming. people were cheering so loud and i could just feel the pride they had for our team, that we were able to do something like this. i think everyone hopes they can make a difference in their life and hopefully that's what we did yesterday. >> gretchen: together meghan and the mascot raised $22,000.
5:42 am
that is so courageous. i mean, and she has such a wonderful spirit about her when she did the interview. >> brian: she looks fantastic. >> steve: she does. >> brian: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. remember this, the busy new york i love the holidays. and with my bankamericard cash rewards credit card, i love 'em even more. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, evertime. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. that's 1% back on... [ toy robot sounds ]
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5:45 am
>> steve: good news for staten island commuters who have been stranded since sandy hit. a new ferry is launching this morning to take passengers to manhattan.
5:46 am
also back on track this morning, path service. that's train service. long island railroad out of long beach, long island. for more on this, let's go to an tron louis live in manhattan where i understand there is a major update this monday morning. >> well, all morning we've been letting everyone know exactly what you've been saying, that the path service has resumed to here in lower manhattan. we have just found out the service has suspended because of a signal problem that they've been trying to work out for at least the last 15 minutes or so. so that's what the new news is. that's what the update is. they're trying to work this. right now the service has been suspended, but it did get underway at 5:00 o'clock as promised by transit officials here. it's also another step, if you will, barring this misstep now, this temporary thing from what we're hearing, and trying to get lower manhattan back up to speed, trying to move forward with the recovery and the process all in these four weeks since super storm sandy and the nor'easter a few days after that. we can tell you the path
5:47 am
station, all morning long, we've been seeing smiling faces, a loft people showing relief. obviously there will be frustration now with this information, but the information from the web site for new jersey transit and for the path service that this is goes to go a temporary thing and hope to have it fixed to continue the commute sometime within the next couple of hours. we'll keep you updated. >> steve: thank you very much. live report from manhattan. gretch, over to you. >> gretchen: thank you very much. the ever evolving story from the administration about what happened in benghazi, libya is becoming more confusing by the day with susan rice speaking out in defense of her comments. and james clapper saying he's the one who took out al-qaeda talking points after originally saying he had no idea who did it. so who should we really believe? maybe santa can help us. nope. instead we got michael goodwin. you can find his columns in the "new york post" and fox news. who is telling the truth and who is lying? >> look, you ask who we should believe? i think no one.
5:48 am
that's the whole point of putting people under oath. then supposedly get the truth or we get perjury. i believe susan rice had to know better before she made those comments. i just recently reread president obama's speech to the u.n. where there is no question he is saying the video did it. all of that was false. they all had reason to know it was false. clapper is just a clown. i mean, he does this all the time. and the idea that james clapper can take responsibility for making the changes, why isn't president obama furious at him? why doesn't president obama fire him today if the president really believed that clapper made a huge mistake? >> gretchen: that's a loaded question because as director of national intelligence to say one thing and then say another, especially when it has to do with al-qaeda, are they throwing him under the bus? >> look, i think he put himself under the bus by probably giving congress in those private briefings, a false answer. he said, we didn't make the changes. he said that to members of congress, presumably he was
5:49 am
under oath, and then publicly says, oh, wait, we did make thet perjury. that's all that is. that is not ultimately taking responsibility. look, i think this does rest with two people. susan rice, who made those statements repeatedly in public, and the president, who sent her out there and now defends her. why isn't the president outraged that his administration was given -- let's put it charitably -- was given false information by the intelligence community and then spread a false story? if he really believes that's what happened, why isn't he outraged that the intelligence community? >> gretchen: we'll see if the outrage comes in the coming weeks. michael goodwin, fox news contributor and new york post columnist. check him out on boast sites. coming up, angie harmon live with us on the curvy couch. first, let's check in with martha mccallum for what's coming up at the top of the hour. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. welcome back and good morning, everybody. so coming up on "america's
5:50 am
newsroom" today, the fiscal cliff, is there some movement and is it in the right direction? we're joined by senator jeff sessions, also congressman eric cantor will be here with us this morning and condoleeza rice says the middle east is slipping away from our grasp. we're going to talk about that. the deinfection among many states from the president's healthcare plan, a huge and developing story. bill and i will see you right here on "america's newsroom" at the top of the hour er, remember- you can stay in and like something... or you can get out there and actually like something. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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is a thrilling, dual-flavored ride to mouth fun-town. but it's not like everyone is going to break into a karaoke jam session. ♪ this will literally probably never happen.
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5:53 am
>> brian: tv's crime fighting duo are back on the case as the hit show returns tomorrow. here is a quick look at what happens. >> okay. this is now a crime scene, so i need the both of you out of the cafe so we can collect evidence, please.
5:54 am
>> was he murdered? >> he was poisoned. >> oh, how awful. >> they found this on the food prep counter. >> so where there is food there is rats! >> it contains -- rat poisoned family and that's what killed your customer. so if any of that ended up in his food, you'll be charged with negligent homicide. let's go. >> gretchen: we're joined by star angie harmon. >> brian: did you solve the crime in the first five minutes? what do you do for the rest of the time? >> we have pillow fights. >> brian: fantastic. >> steve: it's a great show and been going for a while. i know you love doing it. >> i do. jane is a lot of fun to play. i mean, i don't know. it's close to being a man as i can get. >> gretchen: what do you mean when you say is that thank? >> she's very tom boyish and she's -- she has a sort of dumb down, although female aspects of
5:55 am
her life. so i try and make her as manly as possible. so that's always fun and interesting. >> gretchen: she gets right to the heart of the matter. >> yeah. >> gretchen: what's been so successful about the show? >> i think -- it's the writing and it's a great show. it's a detective show. we all love those things when trying to figure out who did it before the characters figure it out and all that. i also think, i mean, it is a show about the relationship between the two and who they are and how different they are and how much they come together and help solve the crime. i've always said if you put the two of them together, they're like the most perfect female in the west. >> steve: there you go. >> brian: ratings through the roof. is it more because of you or your co-star? >> oh, definitely because of my co-star. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: absolutely. >> then there is the rest of the cast, you know. that whole lorraine bracco thing. bruce mcgill. he's only in everything. >> steve: let me ask you about
5:56 am
another actor, larry hagman passed away in the last couple of days. what was your thoughts of larry? >> look! that was one of the best moments of my career, right there. linda and i became like really kind of bff's for a while. >> steve: really? >> uh-huh. but look how dorky i look! >> steve: you look happy. >> i was so excited. i grew up in dallas, texas. born and raised there. and that was dallas in its hay day. it was a treat if i got to stay up late and watch "dallas." he was so wonderful and -- >> brian: this is what you tweeted. you said, thanks for being the kind of person i always hoped. so he didn't let you down when you met him? >> no. and he called me darling the whole time. that's why i put love darling. a lovely, lovely, lovely man. think about also, there was "i dream of jeannie." he was so wonderful and kind on the inside.
5:57 am
>> steve: we want to continue the conversation with you on the other side of the brief timeout. >> okay. >> steve: right back ef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ] any flight, anytime. the scoreboard doesn't lie. what's in your wallet? hut!
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